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Individualized pet grooming by appointment to help minimize waiting and relieve pet anxiety!

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Re-Opening Guidance

Keeping your pet(s) healthy

Help Advocate for pet(s)

In order to re-open Governor Baker has put some rules in place that will impact how we can operate.  Aside from wearing a face mask and maintaining social distancing, here are the other changes:

  • No one is allowed into our facility at this time.  This is going to impact some of our more challenging nail trims that go much better when the Owner can help assist in calming their pet.  (What normally took us 5-15 minutes to do, we may now not be able to do at all.)
  • Pets must be picked up curbside.  We are building a fenced in front area to help transition leash changes.  This is still going to pose challenges for some of our clients with separation-anxiety but our hope is to improve safety as attempting to change a leash in a dog's car/territory may lead to some dogs biting or fleeing the situation and with Route 12 being a high-traffic area, we don't feel comfortable putting pets in this situation.
  • All groomers are being forced to operate by appointment only - for us this does not impact us as we have always operated this way.  This does mean that we can no longer accommodate "walk-ins" though.  This will ultimately impact the larger facilities and will limit access to groomers placing a huge increase in demand while reducing the number of clients a groomer can serve.
  • ALL appointments are to be scheduled over the phone.  
  • If you need to purchase a gift card, please call ahead so we can have it ready for you when you arrive.
  • The biggest challenge for us is going to be pick-up & drop-off.  These are going to have to be done with precision timing as interrupting a grooming poses additional risks and challenges, especially if the groomer is by herself.  
  • When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, call us and let us know you are here - you may get our voicemail if the groomer is by herself or we are working on a client.  We can hear your message though and will be out to pick up your pet as soon as it is safe to do so.  

Please pack your patience as we all work to create a new normal.


Help Advocate for pet(s)

Keeping your pet(s) healthy

Help Advocate for pet(s)

We urge you to help advocate on behalf of all pet(s) during this pandemic.    

Unfortunately, Governor Charlie Baker came to the conclusion that Pet-Grooming was non-essential during the COVID-19 Shutdown, without any consideration of the small grooming shops that already operated by appointment only. It appears he may not be a pet owner, or at the very least has never had a pet with eye or ear infections, a long-haired matted pet, or a pet with ticks! If you feel strongly that pet-grooming should be considered essential during the next Pandemic Shutdown, especially for Seniors and folks with already compromised immune systems that were forced to quarantine with a pet that has bacteria, we would appreciate you reaching out to Governor Baker's Office and advocating on behalf of all pets. 

Anyone on a blood thinner who relies on regular nail trims is also encouraged to explain to Governor Baker how important it is to be able to have your pet's nails trimmed while being quarantined. 

We felt bad for all the pets who ended up matted, or with bacterial infections as a result of the forced shut-down, but until Governor Baker hear's from you, pets will suffer again in silence during the next forced Shutdown.   

Unfortunately, Governor Baker simply copied the Federal List of Non-Essential Businesses and applied it to Massachusetts.  Clearly who ever created the Federal List was not a pet owner!  The thinking was that if a pet-owner had a grooming "emergency" they could see their Vet, however, Veterinarians were only seeing critical patients (per CDC Guidance) with no plan to prevent severe matting or bacterial infections from requiring emergency care later on.  

Many folks we serve can not afford to see a Veterinarian for what a groomer could prevent.  

In the end, it was pets that ultimately suffered in silence.  

Be sure to let Governor Baker also know that not all groomers operate the same and that some OPERATE ONE CLIENT AT A TIME (which is now the new standard for re-opening after the COVID-19 Shutdown)!  

Additionally, Pet-Groomers use the same pet-disinfectants that the Veterinarians use - there are only a limited number of suppliers and they all serve both Groomers and Veterinarians! 


Keeping your pet(s) healthy

Keeping your pet(s) healthy

Keeping your pet(s) healthy

Be sure to comb any long-haired pets frequently to help prevent any matting (fur that gets knots). Make sure to use a steel-tooth comb and not just a brush. Do not bathe a matted pet as the matting will tighten and become significantly worse and wet fur will increase bacteria under the matting.

Here's a link for more information on how to prevent matting.

Regularly trim your pet's nails to avoid any discomfort from overgrown (or ingrown) nails.  Dog's nails have a "quick" that will continue to grow out and only a Vet can clip into the quick to trim it back.  A cat's nails will grow into their pads if not clipped regularly - and this is extremely painful. 

Here is a link for further guidance on

 how to clip a dog's nails.

Here's a link for guidance on how to clip a cat's nails.

COVID-19 ReOpening Guidance

Gov. Baker's Re-Opening Guidance

Schedule Appointments by Phone ONLY

Schedule Appointments by Phone ONLY


In order to re-open, we have to comply with Governor Baker's Guidance.  

As a result, we have had to make some changes to how we operate.  The Guidance we were given does not have the pet's best interest at heart so we are trying to find the best way to comply with the best interest of your pet's safety in mind.

Schedule Appointments by Phone ONLY

Schedule Appointments by Phone ONLY

Schedule Appointments by Phone ONLY


Per Governor Baker's 

COVID-19 Re-Opening Guidance:

ALL Appointments must by scheduled in advance by phone.  No Walk-ins (for any reason) are allowed at this time. 

No Solicitations of any kind at this time please.

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Guidance

Schedule Appointments by Phone ONLY

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Guidance


When you arrive for your appointment, please call us at 508-407-8686.  

You may walk your dog on the grassy areas while waiting and someone will be out shortly to assist you shortly.  Please be patient and know that we are doing our best to stay on schedule.

Wear a Face Mask

Social Distancing

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Guidance


Per Governor Baker's Guidance, please wear a Face Mask during drop off and pick up.  

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Social Distancing


Please practice good social distancing by staying 6 ft. away from other clients at all times.  

Thank you!

Social Distancing

Social Distancing


Thank you for your patience and compliance.  Stay safe and remember to wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds.  

**Please only schedule for a pet you own**

Treat your pet to a calm individualized grooming experience:

All Paws Pet-Salon is located in Auburn, MA and serves all of Worcester County.  Our pet grooming process helps minimize stress on pets by scheduling appointments one at a time, much like a hair dresser.  This helps maintain a calm, loving environment and allows the pet groomer to work individually with each pet in a very low-stress atmosphere.  This is especially helpful when working with nervous or elderly pets, as well as cats and rabbits.   You never have to worry about who's going to be grooming your pet either.   ALL grooming is done by one groomer here - LaKiesha. 

​LaKiesha has more than ten years of professional pet grooming experience.  She loves working with all pets, breeds, and sizes including big dogs, bully breeds, elderly pets, friendly-temperament cats and rabbits too!  We have a special walk-in tub for large breeds and dogs with hip or mobility concerns.  

For your pet's safety, I DO NOT USE cage dryers; I use an air-force dryer which involves individualized attention while drying.  When your pet is on my grooming table, everything is within the groomer's reach and your pet has my undivided attention while being groomed.  

Regular pet grooming is an essential part of keeping all pets happy and healthy.  I would love to help you see your pet's overall health and happiness improved through regular grooming.  Regular pet grooming can also help identify tumors and other skin conditions before they become major health issues.  

My biggest satisfaction comes from seeing pets walk proud and tall after their groom – they know when they look good!  


PLEASE NOTE:  I do not overbook or rush through the grooming process.  I schedule appointments to avoid long waits (which can cause increased anxiety for some pets).  I don't like to crate pets unless I need to for safety reasons.  

Most pets are done in 90 minutes or less so please plan on picking up your pet accordingly.  Dematting and larger breeds with thick coats may take longer but no pet will be rushed.  Matting can be extremely uncomfortable and very irritating for pets and can lead to significant health and skin issues.   Give us a call right away if you have a matted pet. 

We work with your pet’s temperament and needs to ensure a high-quality groom.  Please be advised though, there will ALWAYS be a dog or two in the shop waiting to be picked up.

For a dog to be nervous on the way into my shop is quite normal, they are usually just over-anticipating a bath.  Please remain calm and assertive and your dog will follow your lead.  If you cater to your dog's fears and apprehension you will be encouraging their fear.  Please do not read more into that behavior.  If your dog is happy at pickup that's what really matters.  Even my own dog shakes when he hears the word "bath" and he's the only dog here! 

If you are unable to pick-up your pet when they're done, please let me know that when scheduling.  I try really hard not to have barking dogs in the shop when I am working with cats or nervous dogs.  

Give me a call today to schedule your pet's next grooming!  Please do not schedule an appointment for a friend, neighbor or roommate - have them call me directly to schedule.

Phone:  508-407-8686

If you get the answering machine during my normal business hours, it's because I am working with a pet.  Please leave me a message and let me return your call first chance I can.   My priority is to tend to the pet on the grooming table first and sometimes that means I can't take a phone call.  I thank you for your patience. 

If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, please let me know as soon as possible so that we may offer that spot to another client.  We value your time, please value ours so I can continue to operate by-appointment, which allows my salon to operate quite differently than the average pet grooming facility.

Hours of Operation:

Our normal business hours are 8AM-5PM, Monday through Saturday.  We schedule appointments in order to better serve you, eliminate long waits and reduce pet anxiety.  However, as a pet-grooming facility, please know there will ALWAYS be another dog or two at the shop waiting to be picked up and we can't always predict how a client's pet may react to you or your pet.  

It is my goal that your pet grooming experience be pleasant and calm and is completed without your pet having to be crated while waiting (unless for safety reasons).  As a small business though there are only so many hours in a day and Saturday's tend to fill up quickly.  We maintain a cancellation/wait list to help with emergency situations (i.e., deskunking, Flea Baths, very nervous or severely matted pets that require more time for grooming at a slower pace).  Our cancellation list does get long at times, but we do our best to fill any cancellation spots from our wait list and for many folks this works out best when we are scheduling 3 months out, especially for new clients.  

 Our services include:     

  • Pawdicures (Nail Trim or  Dremmeling)
  • The Fresh Look  (Bath & Nail Trim)
  • The Works (Bath, Nail Trim, Haircut)
  • Sanitary Clip (Optional with a Bath  or Nail Trim)
  • Teeth Brushing

Optional services include medicated and Flea Baths, deskunking, deshedding, and teeth brushing.   


Pricing is based on breed size, coat type and weight.  Call us for an estimated price based on your pet.

We do our best to work with all pet temperaments and/or anxiety challenges but it may require additional time and a fee in some cases.  Most pets do get better over time with regular grooming.  


We do not do sedation grooms so all pets (especially cats) must be willing to be groomed!

Not what you expected?

Our Cancellation/No Show Policy

Not what you expected?

pet grooming, dog grooming, pet groomer, dog groomer, cat groomer, cat grooming

If you are ever unhappy with your pet's grooming, please let me know (respectfully and constructively) what I can do different next time.  

If your pet's coat had matting and you feel I cut your pet's fur too short, please understand that matting starts at the root closest to the skin and I may not have had any choice given what blade could get under the matting to remove it.  

Brushing DOES NOT prevent matting.  Please know that you need to use a steel tooth comb and comb completely through the fur (root to tip) in order to prevent matting.  Having to shave a pet is never a Pet Stylist's desired grooming - I don't get to do my best work when I have to remove matted fur.  Regular grooming can help prevent matting and by working together we can keep your pet's coat in better condition.  

A happy healthy pet is a well-groomed pet.  Pets know when they look good and I take pride in helping them look their best. 

For your pet's Safety

Our Cancellation/No Show Policy

Not what you expected?

pet safety, pet grooming, pet muzzle

Your pet’s safety and comfort is our first priority.  We will not perform any grooming procedure that causes pain or a level of stress that we think is excessive.  Unfortunately, not all pets that are stressed give a warning and may end up injuring themselves without any warning to us.

Please advise us of any medical, physical, mobility issues, allergies (i.e., cologne, oatmeal, etc.), sensitivities, or pre-existing conditions.  This includes prior surgeries, hip or joint issues, warts/skin tags, moles, ear infections or skin problems. 

For your pet’s safety, and ours, please let us know if your pet has any temperament or behavior issues.  All Paws Pet-Salon reserves the right to use a muzzle on your pet for safety purposes if necessary.  Your pet’s temperament may also cause us to alter your preferred grooming style or limit how much grooming we can do.  

All Paws Pet-Salon reserves the right to alter or refuse service for any safety concerns. 

Our Cancellation/No Show Policy

Our Cancellation/No Show Policy

Our Cancellation/No Show Policy


To ensure that all our clients have an opportunity to secure appointments, we ask that you call us at least 1 business day in advance if you are unable to keep your pet’s appointment.  

Repeated No Show’s and last minute cancellations impact our ability to serve others.  If this happens, you will be asked to pay a fee of not more than ½ the cost of your pet’s scheduled grooming service to compensate the groomer for the time that was reserved for your pet.  You will also be asked to pre-pay your pet’s next grooming service before being able to schedule it.  Should you have another last minute cancellation or no show, you will forfeit your pet’s pre-paid grooming amount.  

Continued No Show or last minute cancellations may result in not being able to schedule future appointments. 

As always we value and appreciate your time.  We hope you understand the need for this policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Cancellation/No Show Policy


Q:  Will my pet be the only one in the shop?

A:  No.  My own dog, Elijah, comes to work with me everyday and helps calm nervous dogs or socialize with other dogs waiting to be picked up.  

Q:  What makes All Paws different from other grooming salons?

A:  We schedule by appointment to minimize wait time, reduce pet anxiety, and avoid having to crate multiple pets.  We also only have 1 groomer who does everything for your pet from nail trim, to bath, to haircut.  Most grooming shops hire minimum-wage inexperienced staff to bathe and dry pets; we don't!  Most grooming shops also use cage dryers; we don't!  I work one-on-one with your pet start to finish.

Q:  How long will it take to groom my pet?

A:  Different size pets take different amounts of time and pets with longer, thicker fur will take longer to dry and comb out.  Most pets are done in one hour (short-haired smaller pets are done in 30-45 minutes).  Larger pets (i.e., Labradoodle, Siberian Husky, Golden Doodle, Standard Poodle, Great Pyrenees, Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc.) will take 90 minutes or more.

Q:  Why don't you answer your phone?

A:  I am a small business and the phone is not my top priority - the pet on my table is.  Please don't call consecutively - just leave a message and let me return your call when it is safe to do so.  I return all calls within 24 hours.  There are no grooming emergencies that can't wait for a return call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not happy?


Q:  Do you groom cats and rabbits?

A:  Yes.  Working with pets one at a time allows me to better work with nervous or elderly pets, as well as cats in general so we end up grooming a majority of cats in the area.  I am also the only rabbit groomer in the area!  

Q:  Why are you booked so far in advance?

A:  All work is done by 1 groomer.  Grooming is a very physically demanding, but very rewarding, job and I can only groom a limited number of pets in a day.  Most of our clients schedule ahead to stay in a regular grooming cycle.  The best groomers are worth waiting for to ensure your pet is safe and well-cared for.

Q:  Do you have a cancellation list?

A:  Yes.  A matted pet will always be a priority as matting is very uncomfortable for the pet.  Folks cancel or reschedule for a variety of reasons and we do our best to fill spots from our cancellation list first.  Our cancellation list does get long at times, the more flexible your schedule is, the better your chances are of getting in sooner.

Q:  Do you do sedation grooms?

A:  No.  We can only work with friendly-temperament pets.

Q:  How much does a grooming cost?

A:  Pricing is based on breed, size, coat, and depends on what you want done.  Please call us to request an estimate.  If you get our voice mail, leave us your name, phone # and let us know what kind of pet you have as well as what you're looking to have done.  We return all calls within 24 hours.

Q:  Do you sell Gift Certificates?

A:  Yes.  It's the perfect gift for every pet-lover!

Not happy?

Frequently Asked Questions

Not happy?


If you have any concerns about your pets groom, please respectfully notify us within 24 hours of your appointment.

Let us know (politely) what we can do differently next time to improve your pet’s next grooming experience.  

Pet grooming is a SERVICE and not a product that can be returned for a refund.  Therefore, we do not issue refunds for that reason.  

Fur/hair does grow back and we would be happy to adjust your pet’s next grooming style if you would kindly let us know what LaKiesha should do differently next time. 

Also keep in mind sometimes a pet's temperament and/or safety may limit what I could do for your pet.  I try my best to work with all pets, but there are a few who let me know they have no desire to be groomed.  In those cases we offer our best advise and may encourage you to seek an alternative grooming situation that better meets your pet's needs (i.e., working with a trainer, sedation or mobile groomer, etc.).  For some pets I may suggest things you can do at home to help acclimate your pet to the grooming process (i.e., touching their paws to get used to a nail trim, etc.).  

We sincerely try our best to work with all pets, but sometimes even our best isn't enough to convince every pet.  Please don't blame the groomer though or write a spiteful online review.  That doesn't help your pet in any way.   

Best way to reach me: call and leave a message.

Call today to schedule an appointment!

A pet on the grooming table takes priority so I can't always answer the phone, but I do return all calls within 24 hours.  

If you get my voice mail, please leave a message.  

All Paws Pet-Salon

284 Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA 01501, US

Phone: (508) 407-8686 All Paws Pet-Salon is conveniently located next to The Coffee Mug on Route 12 (Southbridge Street), just over the Worcester line in Auburn, MA. For your convenience and your pet’s safety, we have ample off-street parking.