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Here's what our clients say about us:

Ashley G.: Auburn, MA Posted: 4/23/2012 📷

Beasley G.

Above:  Beasley G.   

I went to All Paws today for the first time and I was very impressed! Friendly staff, clean salon and reasonably priced! My dog loved it and he’s never looked so clean!   I will definitely be visiting them again! 

gwilly46: Auburn, MA Posted: 4/30/2012 📷

Shandy Williams

Above:  Shandy W.   

This is THE place to go.   LaKiesha is a professional groomer and my dogs come out smelling and looking great.   She is like the female version of Caesar. She is also very reasonable priced. 

gwilly46: Auburn, MA Posted: 4/30/2012 📷

Ollie Williams

Above:  Ollie W.

 "gwilly46" is the Owner of Shandy and Ollie.

Esther M.: Worcester, MA Posted: 7/8/2012 📷

George Moore

Above:  George M.  

All Paws is incredible!!! I had met the owner, exactly one time in the past, but this weekend I had to be gone and the dog walker I had found was a no show at the last minute! Still don't know what happened there...but I called All Paws to see if they knew anyone and out of the goodness of their hearts they came to my house and used the spare key to get my dog and keep him with them while I was gone. 

Bottom line....they stepped in and did something awesome for a perfect stranger, that benefited them very little...just because they are caring, wonderful people!! Their work is clearly wonderful as seen in their photos and they have a lifelong customer in me! 

Mike - Posted: 08/09/2012


I usually only take the time to write a review if i do not like a place, but this is completely different. The location is extremely clean, the owner is extremely courteous, and the job is always exact to how i request, all for a good price. Every time I go to pick my pup up he is happy and playful, and it’s normally the owner playing with him. She is fantastic and I would emphatically recommend this location to anyone like I have already to people i know. 

TLFBrown: 02/12/2013 Posted on: BusinessFinder–MassLive


"EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!"  My dog loves going to All Paws for his grooming needs!!  He comes home relaxed and smelling wonderful!!!  I think LaKiesha gives him some extra lovings and that makes the trip extra special!!!!!! 

Philip W. Rochdale, MA Posted: 02/14/2013 📷

Molly Wiley

Above:  Molly W.  

I think the young lady at All Paws Pet-Salon does a very good job.  I use them about once a month.  She knows how to get my Lab's undercoat out and I can go a month at a time without any shedding.   

Amanda J: Worcester, MA Posted: 04/21/2013 📷

Co-co J.

Above:  Co-co J.

I love this pet salon! The owner is extremely nice and handles animals very well. I have always been very cautious in dropping my dog off to be groomed and after a terrible experience at a pet chain store grooming salon I started giving her baths at home. I tried this place after reading the website and seeing her experience with animals. I was very impressed by the care I got for my dog and she did a great job! She also worked with my concerns (my dog isn't very well adjusted to other dogs) and she got me in at a time where no one else was scheduled! I can't say enough great things about her- the prices are even low for the area and the quality and care are 100 times better!

Tip: look for "The Coffee Mug"... and park by the salon.

Lisa F.: Auburn, MA Posted: 5/9/2013 📷

Rascal & Koda F. with Elijah!

Above:  Rascal & Koda F. with Elijah!  

I love the place. This place is great, my dogs love going, they come out smelling fresh not all perfumed up. My big dog loves his bandana, he won't let me take it off. So funny. 

Anonymous: May 9, 2013 📷

Moose K.

Above:  Moose K.

I absolutely loved the way my Maine Coon looked after getting him groomed here. Very convenient with appt scheduling, so you don't have to leave your pet there all day. In/out in about an hour and less costly than other places around this area. I will be coming back for sure. Bonus (a homemade catnip toy), my cats LOVED IT. Thank you for the beautiful grooming job. 

Anonymous: July 6, 2013


I needed an appointment, very accommodating, so personal.  

My 2 dogs didn't shake or mind being there.  You don't feel like your animal is on an assembly line and locked in a cage for a few hours.  STRESS FREE … all paws is the place to go; your animal will love it and you will too.  Better to go private, take more time and they really do a great job and care about your pet. 

Veronica F.: Worcester, MA Posted: 4/19/2014 📷

Allie Oop

Above:  Allie Oop.

This woman is the sweetest, loveliest groomer I have ever met. 

Every time Allie Oop goes in a nervous mess she always comes out clean and happy. 

My dog is terrified of other dogs, but this lady does a terrific job of keeping her calm!  She's the best! 

Katherine C.: Worcester, MA Posted: 10/24/2014

 Love this place … My dog is very nervous and tough to groom … I walked into All Paws and felt her energy change for the positive!! An hour later my doggie was done (she was pretty matted) and was very happy when she was done!! Thank you!! 

Sandi C: Posted on: YellowPages 12/01/2014

All Paws is wonderful! I bring my cats there and they always leave happy and well-groomed. Their prices are very reasonable and the environment is clean and quiet. Would recommend them to anyone! 

Kristine J.: Auburn, MA Posted: 7/8/2015

We had a wonderful experience at All Paws Pet-Salon. My nervous cat was treated extremely well and the cut was perfect. The groomer and her assistant are lovely people. We will be back next year for his annual shave and I will recommend this business to friends and family. As for the “one star” below – there are no words for the disgusting way people rant on the internet. This is an excellent business and “Christy’s” complaint actually made me want to take my cat there – the welfare of the admittedly matted dog was more important to the groomer than a Yelp review. Good for you! 

Amber R.: Providence County, RI Posted: 9/12/2015 📷

Rilly R. #1766

Above:  Tilly R.

Brought my dog here for the first time today and it was a great experience. They made the whole process very easy plus the price was perfect for a bath, ear cleaning and nail clipping (the cute bandana was a very nice touch). When I picked my pup up she seemed calm and happy which is important :) Will certainly be back & highly recommend them! 

Dan T.: Worcester, MA Posted 2/3/2016 📷

Sadie T. #1150

Above:  Sadie T.

We have had our long haired cat groomed here twice now. She is kind of nervous and has had some accidents while at other places being surrounded by dogs while she waits.  At All Paws she is taken right back and treated great while on the table.  When we get home she looks and smells great and even struts around the house with new confidence! Hahaha.  Anyway, great place.  Highly recommended. 

Dan Cronin: Google Review Posted: 2/5/2016 📷

Brittany C.  #1931

Above:  Brittany C.

The Lady who handles our pets is AWESOME!!! People don't appreciate what she does for are loved animals. We Appreciate you. And what a joke about you should answer the phone. I’d rather have you take care of my Dog and get back on the phone within 24 hours is great. So stop your belly aching people and get a life. I left a message and you called me back within 12 hours and scheduled an appointment. Thank you 

Shannon R.: Worcester, MA Posted: 6/16/2016 📷

George Rice #2077

Above:  George R.


First time = perfection! 

I brought my long hair cat, George, in today.  The two ladies working at the salon were wonderful.  They asked me what I was looking for, if George had been groomed before and had me complete an informational form. 

They were both very friendly and welcoming to both George and I.  When George was done they called me immediately. They had done a fantastic job but recommended a different method on his paws next time due to George's stress.  This showed me they truly had the best interest in George; that is all I care about! 

Knowledgeable, sweet, clean, fairly priced.....A+.  We will be back and recommend to others. 

Maggie M.: Worcester, MA Posted: 5/10/2017 📷

Keeper Millhoff #2433

Above:  Keeper M. 


Yesterday I brought my cocker spaniel/corgi mix to all paws and what a wonderful experience. My dog has anxiety issues from being abandoned on the side of the road and they were very accommodating. It took about an hour and a half for the works package and was about $55 plus tip. It's a small building and they do tend to book a couple of weeks out so book early. 

We chose this place because they don't use crates or a drying booth.  They don't keep your dog for hours.  We had heard all the horror stories from petco and petsmart of dogs dying for being in the dryer too long.  

Great service at All Paws! 

Linda W.: Naples, FL Posted: 10/22/2017 📷

Murphy Wright #2600 (Yorkie)

Above:  Murphy W.

LaKiesha did such a great job on my dog Murphy! He looked amazing! His coat was trimmed perfectly. He was so happy and calm when I picked him up, running around the shop, right at home. This woman does a wonderful job and I think her policy of taking one animal at a time probably makes a huge difference with animals that may be nervous. I won't bring my dog anywhere else. Thank you LaKiesha! 

Jenn B.: Auburn, MA Posted: 3/2/2018 📷

Cliff B.

Above:  Cliff B.

 Had my golden retriever groomed 2 years ago and was very satisfied with Cliff's cut. As you can tell by the photo he was very happy.

They did mention they book fast so call for an appointment ahead of time or plan ahead! 

Daniel Marsala: Google Review Posted: 4/6/18 📷

Kona Marsala

Above:  Kona M.  (Leela's sister!)

All Paws is amazing! They have always taken such great care of my dogs. Their prices are amazing and I would never go anywhere else. 

Leela Marsala

Above:  Leela M.  (Kona's sister!)

Betty C.: Google Review Posted 4/23/18 📷

Tommy Copeland #2591

Above:  Tommy C. 

I love that my dog only has to be there one hour! 

Veronica Adrianna Campoverde: Google Review Posted 5/22/18 📷

Sal Campoverde #2477

Above:  Sal Campoverde 

I love this place! After a very bad experience with our local PETCO, I had almost given up hope on finding a good groomer with reasonable prices and close to home for my Sal (Yorkie). Until I found All Paws! They do an awesome job on my Sal and he is very well taken care of while in their hands. They are very popular so I suggest making a few appointments ahead of time so you don't miss out. Absolutely love them and won't be looking anywhere else for services for Sal! :) 

Hannan A.: Card sent 5/26/2018 📷

Hamilton A.  #1879

Above:  Hamilton A.

Dear All Paws Pet-Salon,

Thank you for taking care of me. 

You’re pawesome!

Hamilton the black cat!  

Cheryl Swift Posted: 6/11/18 📷

Cricket Swift #2180

Above:  Crickett Swift

LaKiesha is great with the animals and my dog looks forward to going there. 

Kelly White: Google Review Posted: 6/30/2018 📷

Blinx White #1616

 Above:   Blinx White

Blinx, our Maine coon, comes back fresh, lightweight and relaxed after her lioncut! especially with her little decorated catnip bag they give her to take home. :) 

Dustin Perduta: Google Review Posted: 05/15/2018 📷

Tucker Perduta #2256

Above:  Tucker Perduta

Tucker loves LaKiesha and they do a great job. He smells so good and clipped his nails which is a mission. Thank you All Paws Auburn! 

Tara Pelkey: Google Review Posted 07/11/2018 📷

Jewell S. #1793

Above:  Jewell S. 

I just picked up my 2 ragdoll mix cats from their grooming appointment (only 2nd one in 5 years)and I am thrilled at how they look. They are both not very social to strangers and kind of scardy cats but they needed to be groomed. I was apprehensive but the woman assured me that they would only do what the cats would tolerate. The cats are currently playing around the house like any other day.
Very professional and always with the best interest of your pets as top priority.  

 Peachez Strong  #1794

Above:   Peachez S.

Sean Desai: Google Review Posted 7/14/2018


Luna #319 Sharpei/Beagle X  

Wonderful and patient women! My dog is a brat and they do an amazing job. 

jeremy h: Google Review Posted 8/23/2018

Great staff, amazing service, and as always the handsome Elijah to keep you company!

Michelle Sheperd — 5 star Facebook Review Posted 08/18/2018

Bandit Sheperd

Above:  Bandit Sheperd

Great place!  This salon offers the best service for older dogs.  My 14 year old felt right at home.  He immediately started walking around like he owned the place.  The atmosphere is very calming and homey.  I don't think he wanted to leave!  And they made him look so handsome.  He seems so happy now.  Thanks  for the great experience!  I highly recommend this salon, especially for older dogs.

Comments:  All Paws Pet-Salon   Thanks Michelle for the kind feedback..  Bandit did great.  So glad he felt comfortable with us.  Thank you for patiently waiting on our wait list for a spot.  Bandit is welcome here anytime!

Sarah Elizabeth recommends All Paws Pet-Salon. 08/17/2018


Above:  Hunter

Amazing place, they are so good with my Aussie, Hunter (whose a little nutty)! He always looks and smells great after his visit. I do the full de-shedding groom and it makes such a difference and helps to get the under coat.
Thank you!!!!

Barbara Jernstrom — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 07/03/2018


Dusty Jernstrom #2766 (LH Tortise cat)  

We're thrilled with the grooming of our cat Dusty. Poor baby, she had some matting on her back. They took such good care of her! She's beautiful and comfortable now. Oh yes, 5 stars!

Andrea Landry — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 06/23/2018 📷

Jasmine Landry #2761

Above:  Jasmine Landry 

Just picked up my Golden Retriever and she just looks gorgeous! Thank you so much for taking such good care of her!

Ask Frankie Flamand — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 04/30/2018 📷

Frankie & Amber Flamand #1102 & 1167 - hanging out in Elijaha's crate w/Elijah!

 Above:   Frankie & Amber Flamand - hanging out in Elijaha's crate w/Elijah! 

They are always so nice to me and Amber. They are the best.

Chelsea Noller — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 03/29/2018


Elvis Noeller #2688 (Hemilayan)

Sorry I’m just getting around to writing a review now. You did a great job on my Himalayan Elvis!! He came home smelling and looking great, no more mats, nails short, ears clean, and he’s so much happier with the short hair! Wonderful work! Thank you!

Deborah DeSouza Carvalho — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 07/28/2017 📷

Kiwi DeSouza #1117

 Above:   Kiwi  DeSouza

I love everything about this place! I love that dogs are never locked up and receive 1:1 attention. My dog was ready in 1 hour exactly and the quality of his haircut and fur was IMPECCABLE. Thank you for taking care of Kiwi (RIP), and now Oliver, Benji, and Charlie. 

Jenn Montague — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 06/21/2017



Thank you! You guys did a great job! She is so adorable with her new cut

Maggie May Millhoff — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 05/10/2017 📷

Keeper Millhoff #2433

Above:  Keeper Millhoff 

Great service for a great price! They don't crate your dog or put them in a hot dryer. My dog has never been softer or smelled this good!

Jessica Liseno — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 01/18/2017 📷

Royce Liseno #2342

Above:  Royce Liseno 

Dropped my dog off for the works and he was done just 45 minutes later! I have had a bad experience at another groomer so I was very hesitant about another grooming experience but they did such an amazing job!! Thank you so much I can't wait for his next visit!

All Paws Pet-Salon  Response:  Thanks Jessica for trusting us with Royce! We look forward to being your pet's groomer. Royce was a good boy!

Pete Fanning — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 12/30/2016 📷

Luna Fanning #2319

Above:  Luna Fanning 

Luna, our 5 month old Cockapoo, went in today for her first haircut. She came out looking amazing. This was our first experience at All-Paws, I loved that they don't crate the dogs and only book 1 appointment at a time. PetCo used to take roughly 4-5 hours where All-Paws finished the grooming in about an hour. Happy customer, we'll stick with All Paws  

Christine Jumonville — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 12/29/2016 📷

Bruin Jumonville #2312

 Above:   Bruin Jumonville 

Had a great 1st experience today and so did Bruin, my 14 month old kitty! She is quite a "smelly cat" and when I brought her home and gave her some! ( Did she smell amazing ) And she was prancing around and loving it. I recommended All Paws to my sister and she already booked both her cats for a little pampering. Thank you guys! Great work

Brittany LaCroix — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 10/21/2016 📷

Orien LaCroix #2255

Above:  Orien LaCroix  


Tonight my dog for a bath today and he looks great! Having a big dog I get nervous about pricing but they were very reasonable and we will happily be going back :-)

Leann Marie — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 10/15/2016 📷

Gemma Faford #2248

 Above:   Gemma Faford 


Amazing!! My shih tzu Gemma is beautiful! 

Terry Richardson — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 08/30/2016 📷

Saber Richardson #2186

 Above:   Saber Richardson 


I brought my cat "Saber" for the first time. Making the appointment was easy, the service was wonderful. He was so matted as a Maine Coon cat, this new look will make him more comfortable. Wish I did it sooner with this wonderful hot summer we've had this year. Thank you so much!!!


All Paws Pet-Salon Response:  You're very welcome. Saber seemed pretty pleased with his new look too! He purred at the end and LOVED having his cheeks rubbed! We are here for you when he's ready for his next grooming.

Melody Cornacchioli — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 06/30/2016


Excellent service and courteous! We just got our bunnies nails clipped, she was super quick and sooo affordable! Thank u thank u!!! We highly recommend 

Sandra Castle — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 06/26/2016 📷

Coco Chanel #1699

 Above:   Coco Chanel Castle


I bring my cat , Coco Chanel and she loves it! I like that it's not some huge pet store environment.
The prices are unbeatable and the owner is so gentle and soft spoken to the animlas, I believe that's why she is so successful! Not to mention the "house puppy"! One happy customer...

Jillian Marie — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 11/29/2015

Brought my puppy here this past weekend. She is young and squirmy, and had never been professionally groomed, so I was looking for a place that wouldnt make her nervous. I felt comfortable dropping her off for a full groom, and was told that besides the "usual puppy tantrums" she did great. Service was friendly, very timely, and affordable. She came out happy and smelling great. I will definitely bring her back next time she's ready for a groom! 

Bonnie Salvidio Milionis — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 09/29/2015 📷

Rocco & Mystery Salvidio #217 & #457

 Above:   Rocco Salvidio & Mystery Salvidio 


Rocco always comes home happy and looking fantastic! 

Mike Marcotte — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 06/30/2015 📷

Snoopy Marcotte #1376

Above:   Snoopy Marcotte


LaKiesha rocks! Snoopy-Dew relies on her for maintaining his stud-muffin appearance. 

Kristen DiMare — 5 star Facebook Review Posted: 06/19/2015

Love this place. My dog is a big baby and hates going anywhere and granted I have to drag him in she's always so good with him and makes it quick for him cause she knows he isn't a fan of being groomed. And yet always does a great job!

Karen Parsons — 4 star Facebook Review Posted: 06/18/2015 📷

Brogan Parsons #1619

 Above:   Brogan Parsons 


I brought my dog here today and he had a full groom and was ready in 1 hour. It was the best groom he has ever had. He looks adorable, exactly what I asked for . LaKiesha you did a great job. Thank You I will definitely be back.

Jacqueline D Doiron — 5 star Facebook Review 12/17/2014 📷

Deacon #1383 & Elijah!

 Above:   Deacon Doiron hanging out with Elijah


Absolutely the best place for Grooming. Deacon feels and looks great. Being out of the doggie world for a couple of years I hadn't needed someone. But with a big dog like Deacon (Doberman)....He smells great, looks great and he loves LaKiesha...And what's not to love, she's awesome with all the animals. I love the fact that she works with one animal at a time and her dog Elijah is a wonderful Handsome Greeter! LaKiesha is not only a great Groomer she is also a wonderful person...As I was struggling to control Deacon at Petco one day she suggested a particular lead and offered me her leash until I got one of my own. And then she was credit to take, she simply selflessly helped me and was on her way... She is a true Angel. She came out of the blue with help and I finally found her to thank her personally. Thank you LaKiesha for your kind words and help with Deacon. Thanks LaKiesha and Elijah. See you soon 

Katherine Crespo — 5 star Facebook Review 10/24/2014 📷

Mia Crespo #2568

Above:  Mia Crespo  


Love this place... My dog is very nervous and tough to groom... I walked into All Paws and felt her energy change for the positive!! An hour later my doggie was done (she was pretty matted) and was very happy when she was done!!! Thank you!!!! 

Alisha Masse — 5 star Review Posted: 10/20/2014 📷

Damien Masse #610

 Above:   Damien Masse   


I had tried almost every groomer in the area before finding all paws. I love that she takes her clients one at a time so my dog does not need to sit in a crate all day! In past experiences my dog always came home exhausted and sore but that is not the case with all paws! He is happy and looks great!

Leah Long — 5 star Facebook Review 08/01/2014 📷

Lilah Long #1114

 Above:   Lilah Long 


So wonderful, kind and understanding. Groomed my cranky Maine coon and a very nervous Maltese Mix with no problems at all. She really set my mind (and the animal's minds) at ease. Would highly recommend.

Cherie Moriarty — 5 star Facebook Review 08/31/2013 📷

Rylee Moriarty #151

 Above:   Rylee Moriarty  


Stumbled upon this place as it is right down the street from my work. After checking other's prices locally, I went with this place since it was convenient for me. This is the only place my Rylee has ever gone to for grooming, and I don't plan on bringing him anywhere else. He comes out looking and smelling great with a new bandana, and the prices are very reasonable for their services!

Jody Perry Puishys — 5 star Facebook Review 06/24/2013 📷

Layla Puishys #708

 Above:   Layla Puishys 


Had my kitty groomed at the All Paws Pet-Salon. She looks so beautiful. Even though she got a little tense during her bath, Lakiesha handled her so well. Loved the little treat she got to calm her down.

Tina Durski Google Review Posted: 10/12/18


Above: Lily Durski

First visit was on 10/12/2018 and it was Excellent! Did exactly what I asked for. My Lily looks great!!! Thank you All Paws 😊 

Diane Lavin recommends All Paws Pet-Salon — 5 star Facebook Review 11/30/2018 📷

Scruffy Lavin

Above:  Scruffy Lavin

Scruffy has been skittish being introduced to new places & circumstances but LOVES All Paws Pet- Salon. Scruffy always looks wonderful after her mini or full grooming sessions. I highly recommend All Paws!

Tami Greene Google Review Posted: 12/07/18


 #2903-Patches  Greene

Lakisha is the best and so is the woman who works with her! I brought a cat with a heart condition that needed a good brush out and they were amazing!! 

Susan McCool recommends All Paws Pet-Salon. Posted: 12/11/2018 📷

Marilyn McCool

Above:  Marilyn McCool

5 Stars. The best groomer around! I have been a client for several years. I have worked with groomers in the past. The philosophy of All Paws Pet Salon, is that they groom the client by appointment, no waiting around all day! This creates less stress on the animal. LaKiesha and Dina are so good, and sweet to the clients. I always recommend All Paws Pet Salon because of these reasons. Mind you, because of this way of grooming you do have to book in advance. But, once you in and you keep your appointments you got the best groomer in the area! 

Taunya Damon recommends All Paws Pet-Salon. Posted: 12/14/2018 📷

Oliver Damon

Above:  Oliver Damon

Excellent service, professional and caring. My little Oliver always looks great after his grooming and he’s all tail-wags after! Highly recommend, but make an appointment way in advance because they book up quick. 

Sujeidy Barbosa recommends All Paws Pet-Salon. Posted: 12/21/2018 📷

Bella Barbosa

Above:  Bella Barbosa

I been taking Bella here since she was 6 weeks I love the way they take care of your dog and when she comes out she comes out of there looking fresh and smelling so good. thank you LaKiesha you’re the best groomer around!!!!! 

* * * 2019 * * *

Ann-Marie Dalbec Svedberg recommends All Paws Pet-Salon. Posted: 2/25/2019 📷


Above:  Buddy Svedberg

 I have been bringing my fur baby to All Paws Pet-Salon and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. 

James Griffin Google Review Posted: 4/17/2019 📷


Above:  Maizie Griffin

I like this salon a lot. It's small and intimate. What I like about this particular salon is the one animal at a time, unlike other pet store salons that will take hours with your animal. I don't like the fact they [other pet store salons] cage your pet while working on others. Lakeisha as All Paws owner works one on one with your pet. Dogs, cats and rabbits will be taken care of like her own. Her gentle dog is always there to greet your pet. Her appointments run a couple months ahead sometimes so book early, I book mine 3 months ahead as my dog is done every 5 weeks. 

Kaylyn McGillicuddy Review Posted: 4/28/2019 📷


Above:  Talon McGillicuddy

Extremely impressed with this salon, having been a former pet groomer it is hard for me to say that someone did 5 star work, but here, for my feline, I could not have expected better. I called last minute a day or two before Easter weekend, with an elderly cat that they had not groomed before, and they were able to fit her in that evening. They were accommodating, I told them what I wanted over the phone, and paid ahead - all so my husband could drop off quickly since he was watching our infant. My husband called right away telling me how cute our cat looked and how she was purring. They even sent her home with a toy! Will 100% be going back when it’s time for my kitties next trim! 

Matthew Review Posted: 5/21/2019 📷


 Above:  Trot Nixon  

This place is incredible with our cat Trot Nixon. Rockstar status everytime.

Jenny McDonnell recommends All Paws Pet-Salon! Review Posted: 6/6/2019 📷


Above:  Twinkie


Compassionate, professional and accommodating! They always do a great job grooming my seal-point Balinese!!!

Stephanie Bonnen recommends All Paws Pet-Salon! Review Posted: 6/26/2019 📷


 Above:  Lily Bonnen


I was extremely happy with my cat, Lily’s lion cut! Thank you!!

Michelle Sheperd recommends All Paws Pet-Salon! Review Posted: 7/25/2019 📷


Above:  Bandit Sheperd


Just wanted to say thank you for the BEAUTIFUL card you sent in memory of Bandit ❤. He loved your salon since it was so welcoming and peaceful. You did such a fantastic job on grooming him. My only regret is that I didn’t take him there sooner. I will treasure the card forever and have put it next to his ashes. I miss him every single day , but was lucky to have a great 15 years with him. Thanks for making Bandit’s grooming experience a great one! 💖🐶🐾🌈 

Sharon Luks Rogan recommends All Paws Pet-Salon! Review Posted: 8/14/2019 📷


Above:  Sadie Rogan


The best groomer around! Very calm and caring staff for my anxious rescue dog Sadie! 🐾🐾

Karen Alvino recommends All Paws Pet-Salon! Review Posted: 9/1/2019 📷


 Above:  Cosmo Alvino 


Thank you for doing such a great job with our cranky Corgi! he looks so good!

Isabella Kopka Google Review Posted: 9/6/2019 📷


 Above:  Sylvester Kopka

First time grooming my cat ever and could not be more pleased with the outcome. He is a fluffy feline and had a section of his fur that was matted. 

They booked him an appointment promptly. 

Once there, greeted by the owner and her dog and both were very friendly. 

His lions mane is gorgeous as ever and he was in and out in 45 minutes. 

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 I would love to add your pet to my long list of happy clients!   

Review us below and we will add your review to our website!

Have an itchy pet?

Call us today to schedule a soothing bath to relieve dry itchy irritated skin.  If your Vet has prescribed a medicated shampoo, bring it with you to your pet's next groom.

Call All Paws Pet-Salon to schedule your pet’s next pet grooming – 508-407-8686. 

Got Fleas?

If your pet has fleas, a flea bath alone won't get rid of them.  You need to clean your environment too!  Wash all bedding in Borax (a powdered laundry detergent).  If you have carpets, sprinkle Borax on the carpet and leave it overnight.  Vacuum it the next day.  It will help kill any hidden fleas and larva.

Fleas hatch every 10-14 days so you may go through a few cycles before you get rid of all of them.

Lastly, be sure to use a flea product on your pet as well.  We suggest any of the following:  Frontline, Revolution, Advantage, Sorresto Collar, or Adams flea spray.  Some fleas may be immune to a particular product, so it's a good idea to rotate products monthly.  

A benefit to doing a flea bath is to remove all flea excrement from the pet.  A flea bath alone will NOT prevent fleas from hopping back on your pet though if your environment still has them.

All Paws Pet-Salon, Auburn, MA

 We proudly serve pets in:   Acton, Ashland, Auburn, Barre, Boston, Boylston, Brimfield, Brookfield, Brookline, Charlestown, Charlton, Cherry Valley, Chicopee, Clifton, Danvers, Dudley, Douglas, East Mendon, Fiskdale, Framingham, Grafton, Holden, Holland, Hudson, Jamaica Plain, Leicester, Leominster, Marlborough, Millbury, Needham, New Braintree, Newton, North Brookfield, North Grafton, North Reading, Northbridge, Oxford, Paxton, Plainfield, Rochdale, Rutland, Shrewsbury, Southbridge, Spencer, Springfield, Sturbridge, Sutton, Swampscott, Three Rivers, Uxbridge, Warren, Webster, West Boylston, Westborough, Whitinsville, and Worcester, Massachusetts.  

Call All Paws Pet-Salon to schedule your pet’s next pet grooming – 508-407-8686.  

We LOVE our clients!

Starting a small pet grooming business takes a lot of hard work.  Having such loyal clients who advertise me better than I ever could helps!  

I thank you for entrusting your pet(s) to me. 

 As of October 2019, I have served over 3,100 clients!  

I continue to have folks refer me to their friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers and online community!    

 I also have a few clients who live in other states and visit me when they’re in town visiting family or vacationing, as well as a few clients that travel all the way from CT, RI and NY just to have their pets groomed here!  I am so honored to be entrusted with so many beautiful pets. 

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Happy with your pet's grooming?

Contact us below and we will add your review to our website!  Be sure to include your pet's name.

A happy healthy pet is a well-groomed pet.  Pets know when they look good and I take pride in helping them look their best.  


If you experience any problem, please seek first to understand what may have, or may not have, transpired before jumping to any conclusions.   Thank you!

For humane reasons most matting must be shaved out to let the coat grow in properly.

Not happy with your pet's grooming?

  If you are ever unhappy with your pet's grooming, please let me know (respectfully and constructively) what I can do different next time.  

We have come to realize that it is impossible to please everyone, despite our best effort.  If you are a perfectionist, we strongly suggest you seek the services of a "Master Groomer" or "Show Dog Groomer".  

If your pet's coat had matting and you feel I cut your pet's fur too short, please understand that matting starts at the root closest to the skin and I may not have had any choice given what blade could get under the matting to remove it.  

Brushing DOES NOT prevent matting.  Please know that you need to use a steel tooth comb and comb completely through the fur (root to tip) in order to prevent matting.  Having to shave a pet is never a Pet Stylist's desired grooming - I don't get to do my best work when I have to remove matted fur.  

Regular grooming can help prevent matting and by working together we can keep your pet's coat in better condition.  


Safety & Comfort First!

 Your pet’s safety and comfort is my first priority.  I will not perform any grooming procedure that causes pain or a level of stress that I think is excessive. 

Your pet’s temperament may also cause me to alter your preferred grooming style or limit how much grooming I can safely do.  

All Paws Pet-Salon reserves the right to alter or refuse service for any safety concerns.  We sincerely try our best to work with all pets, but sometimes even our best isn't enough to convince every pet to let us help them.  

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We really try our best to work with each client individually. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.

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