Individualized pet-grooming by appointment. Call us to schedule an appointment!

All Paws Pet-Salon in Auburn: About Us

Meet the Groomer!


LaKiesha, Professional Pet Stylist, 2006 Graduate – The Florida Institute of Animal Arts

I have a natural love for all animals and the feeling is mutual – animals seem to be naturally drawn to me!  I attended a very unique agricultural high school and started out grooming horses.  In 2004 I worked after school as a bather for a pet groomer and have been hooked by the grooming field ever since.

After graduating The Florida Institute of Animal Arts – Professional Pet Stylist program in 2006, I worked in a variety of grooming and veterinary establishments in both Massachusetts and Florida.

In 2012, I relocated back to Massachusetts to start my very own pet grooming salon.  I enjoy working with all kinds of animals and take great pride in my work.  I love seeing animals enjoy their new fresh look when I'm done grooming them.

I love my job and truly enjoy being a Professional Pet Groomer! 


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I schedule clients one at a time so I can work with them one on one in a calm tranquil environment.   Please note, that does not mean there won't be another dog or two in the shop waiting to be picked up, or that my own dog won't be in the shop!   We cater to nervous pets and working individually helps me keep a pet's stress level down.  

Nobody likes to see multiple caged barking dogs, especially me, so I don't operate under those conditions.  I don't crate unless there's a safety concern (i.e., a dog is dog-aggressive or unneutered/unspayed).  I have hitches throughout the shop I can use if I need to separate clients but I often find most dogs enjoy the social opportunity of roaming in the shop while waiting to be picked up.  

You can help me keep this stress-free environment by calling ahead to schedule your pet's next grooming appointment as well as arranging to pick up your pet when their grooming is complete.  Definitely don't wait till the last minute if you need a Friday or Saturday appointment.  

If you know you can't make your appointment, PLEASE call me at least one business day in advance so that I have an opportunity to fill your spot with another client hoping to get in.  I don't overbook clients so when there's a "No Show", that means that's one less client I can help that day.  Please be considerate of my time as I am of yours. 


Repeated No Shows and Last Minute Cancellations add up to my time being wasted and will result in being asked to pre-pay your pet's next grooming appointment. 

What to expect at your appointment:

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A Low-Stress Atmosphere. 

For your pet's safety, and ours, we schedule by appointment to reduce pet anxiety.   

Genuine care and individual attention. 

At All Paws Pet-Salon in Auburn, we treat your pet like we treat our own.  We schedule by appointment because pets deserve individual attention with their pet groomer.

Professional service.

LaKiesha is a professionally trained pet stylist and can do a wide variety of breed pet grooming styles.  Let her know in detail what you would like and she will do her best working with your pets temperament and mobility. 


Please note that safety takes priority over perfection when it comes to working with pets.  

We welcome ALL PAWS, all breeds and sizes!  We do rabbit, cat and dog grooming.  We even have some guinea pig clients too!


Please don't bully a breed!

Bullying a breed says more about a person than the breed.

So called "Bully-Breeds" often get a bad reputation in the media, when it's really the owners who mistreat the pet that is the real problem.  My "child" is a pit bull.  He's the sweetest, gentlest, most loyal, cuddle-bug who would more than likely lick you than ever bite you.  

Please don't judge an entire breed by what one dog did.  If you are not a fan of pit bulls, I encourage you to get to know him.  He would never harm you or your pet because he's been trained and socialized to be gentle with people, kids, and other animals (even cats, he lives with 2 cats who have helped me train him well).  He may get a little too excited when he first meets you or your pet, but I assure you, he's very lovable and has a very friendly/submissive temperament.  He will gladly share his toys, blankets and treats (not all dogs will do that!).  He will play with and help socialize your pet while waiting at my shop.  

If you're not a fan of pit bulls, please at least respect that I am.  I love and enjoy working with ALL animals.  

I hope that everyone can find a little room in their hearts to expand their knowledge on the real problem with "bully breeds" - which is often how they were treated and not the breed at all. 

What you need to know about Kennel Cough:

Kennel Cough is the equivalent to a common cold in humans.  It is highly communicable and can be transmitted anywhere.  We clean constantly with bleach and peroxide and have a very low risk level as we do not board pets and for the most part clients are here one at a time.  Puppies and elderly dogs are more at risk.  For the most part Kennel Cough should run it's coarse much like if you had a cold - rest and avoid exposing other pets if you suspect your pet has Kennel Cough.  Here's a link to more information if you have any questions about Kennel Cough:  PetMD.